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Purmamarca means “Town of the Virgin Earth”, in aimará and it is a small town framed by spectacular hills of colors in Jujuy, unique in all the country known as «The mountain of the seven colors». In the main square one active artisan fair takes place, with typical handmade products of the quebrada, such as carpets, diverse wood statues, local clothes, vessels and medicinal plants. The small town is very attractive because it is located on the base of incredible multicolor hills. It is recommended to visit the old church, declared National Historical Monument, built in 1648, on the main square. The town offers the traveler lodging infrastructure, gastronomy and excursions.

  • Cuesta del Lipan �?? Salinas Grandes

Situated in the road that leads to the Paso de Jama, they are one of the mayor depressions of Jujuy Province with more than 12.000 hectares of salt in the open sky.

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  1. BlogTravel

    Purmamarca es una de los pueblos mas lindos en los que he estado en mi vida. Se lo recoeindo a todo el mundo

    30 Jul 2007 at 1:37 pm

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