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This locality, situated in the middle of the Valles Calchaquíes of Salta Province,is known throughout the world for the great quality of its wines, the cordiality of its people, its mild climate and the beauty of its landscapes.

You will enjoy the towns enchantment while going around the streets, enjoying the church�??s architecture, the flowery Main Square, the picturesque Old Stone Mill and its museums full of history and tradition.

You`ll also be in touch with nature, visiting the Río Colorado falls, the beautiful sunsets seen from cerro Santa Teresita, in the white and eccentric sands of the Medano�??s or in the unforgettable Gorge of Cafayate or Río de la Concha, its peculiar forms and colors, where the wind has acted like a skilled artist giving the passenger a sight of great beauty.

For those who like adventure, it is possible to reach the cerro San Isidro�??s summit to enjoy a splendid view of all the Valle Calchaquí.

The torrontés wine of Cafayate is considered unique in the world due to the specific characteristics of climate, soil, altitude, humidity and the way it is elaborated. Winner of many gold and silver medals in international competitions. the wineries of Cafayatealso produce other types of wine: cabernet, chardonay, malbeck among others. Wineries you can visit:Michel Torino, Etchart, Vasija Secreta and many others.

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