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The town of Cachi is born where the rivers Cachi and Calchaquí meet. This pintoresque town is part of the Valle Calchaquí, and is serrounded by bmountains and hills of the Precordillera of the Andes. The town has a colonial style , mixed with the inheritance of its first settlers. It has main squaresurrounded by cobbled streetsand houses that have a stone basis , adobe walls covered with white lime and sand, forged windows, and teasel or cane roofs, covered in mud.

It has high sidewalks of stone. Its cobbled streets have irrigation canals.

During the colonization, this lands were inhabited by the diaguitas. They were sedentary agricultors, expert potteries and metallurgists and they also tamed andbreaded llamas.

This indigenous town had resisted the advance of the Incas several times but in the yearthe Incas very able to achieve a certain domination over them even though the diaguitas continued developing their own life style.

When the lands divided in �??encomiendas�?�, in 1673, Cachi was given to doña Margarita de Chávez, and afterwards it belonged todon Pascual de Elizanda. After him came don Felipe de Aramburu, giving birth to what was then known as �??Hacienda de Cachi�?�, immense property that for many years included the town of Cachi.

Here the Old Town is bornthat has an important historical and tourist value.

That began in theXVIII century with the construction of the church, to evangelize and educate the people that worked in the hacienda.

The New Town was built in the 50`s in land expropriated to the hacienda by the national government.

The origin of the meaning of the word Cachi is still a mystery but some sayit means �??salt�?� because it served as a deposit of that mineral in prehispanic times. Others say it means �??beautiful valley�?�

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