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The city, built in the Lerma Valley, stands out because of its colonial style, its one or two story building, its narrow streets and sideways, all surrounded by mountains. Its downtown is full of national historical monuments (most of them were declared in 1941):
– San Francisco Church: finished in 1625 it was rebuilt several times, the last one being in 1870, when the architect Luis Giorgi modified the front by building the tower, the highest in South America with its 53 meters high.

– Cabildo: it dates from the foundation times, even though successive constructions replaced the one of 1582. Today it is a museum, and keeps valuable collections that allow visitors to appreciate the historical past of the province.

– San Bernardo Convent: It??s the most antique of the religious buildings in Salta. At the beginning it was the San Bernardo Ermit, and afterwards the San Andrés Hospital. Since the beginning of the XX century it has become the monastery of the Carmelitas. Its algarrobo carved door it a jewel of Salta´s colonial art and was done by the aborigines in 1762.

– Cathedral Basilica: images of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle are kept there, the patron saints of the city since 1962. Also, near the entrance door is the famous ??Panteón de las Glorias del Norte? (Pantheon of the northern glories), where they lay, among others General Güemes and General Antonio de Arenales. It was declared national historical monument in 1947.

– Güemes’s monument: At the foot of the San Bernardo hill and guarding the city.
The capital city has an important nightlife that Is concentrated in Balcarce Street. Pubs and bars play music from Credence, national rock and roll up to chill out and live bands that promise a night full of ??rock and roll?.

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