Humahuaca e Iruya

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It??s worth mentioning its narrow pebbled streets that you should cross on foot, with its one-story houses that keep their historical features. The Humahuaca Parade very popular among the local people is one of the most famous and attracts locals and foreigners. It lasts 8 days and in its preparations involves masks, costumes, colorful suits and rites. In Humahuaca there is a wide range of museums that show craftworks, folklore, paintings and sculptures. It has lodging infrastructure, restaurants and excursions. Visit the Independence Monument and Tumbaya.

  • Iruya

Iruya is a little town situated almost 350 kilometers away from Salta City that seems to be hanging from the mountains and suspended in time. It is 2780 m.s above the sea level, and stands on a promontory in the valley of the Iruya river. The road to Iruya has thousands of breathtaking landscapes. The town keeps its steep, narrow streets paved with stones and the thatched houses as well as the customs and clothes of 250 years ago. In its environs you can find the pre-Columbian ruins of Titiconte. One of its main attractions are the religious celebrations, like the celebration of the Pachamama, where the pagan and the sacred are mixed.

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  1. […] de la Quebrada de Humahuaca conjugan las tradiciones ancestrales y una historia sumamente rica. La Quebrada de Humahuaca es un paisaje nico en el planeta, ya que las civilizaciones indgenas de la regin aun mantienen […]

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  2. Good post,This was exactly what I needed to read today! I am sure this has relevance to many of us out there.

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