Cuesta del Obispo.

Publicado por el Abr 30 2007 |

  • Cuesta del Obispo ?? Recta del Tintín

The Cuesta del Obispo is a road that unites Chicoana with a place named Piedra del Molino, a little chapel in the summit of a mountain.

The maximum height reacjhes the 3410 meters, just where the Recta del Tintín ends. 11 km in straight line over a flat land thta is the continuation of the Payogasta altiplane. During the way you through diffrent landscapes, with green mountains, red, lilac, black and yellow. When you climb to Piedra del Molino the rocks chance from colorful to gray ones. from there you can see the fortress. The best view of those immense natural walls is from the parador , a ranch painted in light bleu on the side of the road, where you can have a beer. Remember there is no ice there, so drinks are sold ??natural?.

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